Training LinkedIn Sales Navigator
How can you generate leads using Social Selling? Do you want to generate leads but don't know how? Are you not familiar with the tools within LinkedIn to generate more leads? If so, this training is the solution.

LinkedIn as Lead Generator

Are you having a hard time getting connected with the right decision-maker?
Do you not know how to use Social Selling effectively?
Are you not familiar with the opportunities within Sales Navigator to generate more Leads?

Act now!
Do not miss out on any more sales.

It is hard to keep up with the new privacy regulations and the many technological developments. Collecting leads requires a different way of thinking, a different approach from a few years ago. Learn how amazingly easy it is to generate leads through LinkedIn. I will show your sales team all the steps required to achieve a successful action plan to generate leads.

I think all sales employees should be aware of this process! There’s a good reason why I am frequently asked to train entire sales departments. Don’t waste any more opportunities and register your sales team for the LinkedIn Lead Generator training course today.

Stay ahead of the competition.

"I didn't know I could find the decision-makers this easily.”


After this training:

  • the participants can generate leads;
  • the participants have defined the ideal customer (Buyer Persona);
  • the participants know how to search and especially how to locate the decision-makers within the organisations (Accounts);
  • the participants know how to map leads within the desired organisations (DMU);
  • the participants have drawn up a lead list within Sales Navigator;
  • the participants know how to get in touch with decision-makers (InMail);
  • the participants can easily arrange meetings with decision-makers;
  • the participants know how to integrate the knowledge of the organisation into the sales process.

Training content

  • • A brief look at all the possibilities of LinkedIn
    • How does the LinkedIn Lead Generator work on the business platform?
    • What is an SSI Score and what can I do with it?
    • Determine your objectives
    • What is the difference between Sales Navigator and LinkedIn?
    • Determine sales preferences based on the Decision-Making Unit (DMU)
    • How can you perform advanced searches and save your search results?
    • Create and maintain lead lists
    • Access your leads via InMail
    • Define your strategy for making an appointment
    • How to integrate LinkedIn Lead Generator into the sales process

This knowledge is transferred using the successful PEAS (C) model.

“With this inspiring training, Jan Willem has given our sales team an insight into the effective use of social selling. He uses thorough preparation and a healthy dose of humour to transfer concrete, applicable knowledge that is easy to remember. Result: a happy customer and a ton of opportunities and possibilities!”

This training is developed for account managers, office and field staff, business development managers, project managers, regional managers and/or consultants with turnover responsibility.

Do you want your Sales department to learn more about the miracle of LinkedIn?
Do you want to open doors that have so far been kept closed?
Do you want to generate more leads?

If so, contact us today and discover the possibilities!

*Your application is completely free of obligation, no strings attached.


This is an in-depth follow-up training that can only be followed after or together with the Basic Training +

This training LinkedIn as a Lead Generator is focused on sales activities and is developed for your sales team.

The training is an in-company training, fully geared to the target group and its learning objectives.

The trainer is a LinkedIn Expert who is up to date with the latest developments

Training objectives

The objective of the LinkedIn as a Lead Generator training is to deepen the Basic Training+. The LinkedIn as Lead Generator training is aimed at generating leads; it answers the three most important questions:

• How do I track down leads?
• What is Sales Navigator and what can I do with it?
• How do I get in touch with the decision-maker?