The PEAS © model for Success with LinkedIn

The PEAS © model for social success is used for all trainings.

Since February 2016 already successfully implemented by over more than 160 companies worldwide!

The model is nationally and internationally used by corporations like Staples, Epson, Mercedes Benz, Philips, Fuji, and Unilever

What is the PEAS © model?

At first the PEAS © model was developed for Philips to be used for Social Selling. Meanwhile this model is developed further and can be deployed for every form of success. The model consists of four components which form the base of all offered trainings, lectures and workshops regarding LinkedIn.

The four components are:

P – Profiling, How to create an optimal profile that will be found and gives the good first impression. This is regarding the personal profiles as well as the company page.

E – Extend your reach, How do you make sure that you can connect to the right people. How do you connect people to your company page and in which groups will you find your target audience;

A – Add Value, Make sure that you are of value towards yours network by sharing interesting content and be part of interaction;

S – Succes/Sell, the last, most important step. A natural consequence of the previous three steps.


Despite of that the model at first is developed for Social Selling, the model is developed further that it can also be used for:

  • Corporate Branding;
  • Recruitment campaigns;
  • Self-profiling for entrepreneurs;
  • Self-profiling for job seekers.

The model is currently international used for Social Selling, marketing and recruitment.

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+ organisations trained