LinkedIn Expert Trainer - Jan Willem Alphenaar Jan Willem is a result-driven, passionate LinkedIn trainer. He is internationally recognised as an expert trainer and is frequently invited as a speaker about LinkedIn, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Jan Willem Alphenaar has been active on LinkedIn since 2005. Fascinated by the possibilities and opportunities, he is often the first to be aware of the latest developments and possibilities of LinkedIn.


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In 2005, Jan Willem received his first LinkedIn invitation. Over the years, he expanded his network. The real interest in LinkedIn came in 2010, when the network became more than just a glorified collection of business cards. It turned into a serious platform for content and business.

As a blogger, Jan Willem wrote more than 500 blogs about LinkedIn and published 6 books (e-books) about LinkedIn.

Since 2015, providing LinkedIn training courses has been a full-time job.


Back in the nineties, while attending university, Jan Willem Alphenaar started teaching about ICT applications. He is currently a fulltime LinkedIn trainer, training people both in the Netherlands and abroad (Romania, Hungary, Belgium, India, Turkey, UK, Portugal, Italy).

The LinkedIn training courses focus on results; a training without measurable results is meaningless, says Jan Willem.