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How to utilise LinkedIn for your Business Stop wasting time, searching through LinkedIn for hours on end.
Get to know the secrets of LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn actually work?

We know LinkedIn is a valuable business network. However, if you don’t know how to use LinkedIn, it is only a waste of time, and in the end, it results in nothing but frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Let your employees use LinkedIn in a good way, not only to strengthen the company image, but also to increase sales! Knowledge about LinkedIn is a must for every professional.

This basic training + is popular among business service providers. Find out when the training can start. Don’t waste any more time/money and get to work with the possibilities of LinkedIn!

"I thought I understood LinkedIn, but I didn't know that LinkedIn had so many possibilities."


After this training:

  • the participants know exactly how LinkedIn works and what opportunities LinkedIn offers;
  • the participants can build up a strong, high-quality network;
  • the participants will actively work to increase their reach;
  • the participants will be aware of the way knowledge is shared;
  • the participants know what knowledge you can share to strengthen the organisation;
  • the participants know how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool;
  • the participants know how they get the attention of the target group;
  • the participants are aware of the value of their network;
  • the participants know how to get value from LinkedIn for their daily activities;
  • the participants know how to get the attention of the target group in the right way.

Training content

The following topics are discussed:

  • How does LinkedIn work?
  • How does LinkedIn work as a business platform?
  • What are the tools you can use within LinkedIn?
  • What is your SSI Score?
  • Determine your objectives
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Start expanding your network
  • How do you share your knowledge?
  • How do you initiate interactions?
  • Do’s and dont’s
  • Tips and tricks
  • Q&A


This knowledge is transferred using the successful PEAS (C) model.

“Jan Willem brings LinkedIn to life! During a one day session, he uses a practical and interactive way to teach you the tricks you need to know. My co-workers and I were very enthusiastic.”

Do your employees use LinkedIn?
Do you want to get more value from this substantial network?
Do you lack the knowledge to achieve this?
Do you ever wonder: How does LinkedIn work?
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This Basic Training + LinkedIn goes beyond the average basic training because I think you should be able to get value from LinkedIn immediately after the training.
The training is an in-company training, fully geared to the target group and its learning objectives. The trainer is a real LinkedIn Expert who keeps up to date with the latest developments.

Training objectives

The objective of this training is to fully familiarise each participant with LinkedIn. We answer the three most important questions:

  • How does LinkedIn work?
  • What possibilities does LinkedIn offer?
  • How can we make optimal use of the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer?